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SIS Productions thanks everyone who has supported Sex in Seattle over the past 12 years and all 20 episodes! It's been a great run, but all the best things in life must come to an end.

SIS Productions, however, will continue to offer new work and programming focusing on the Asian American experience, especially work from a women's perspective, so join us as we continue our journey!

Next Up: A reading of Fight coming July 20 at 7:30pm and July 22 at 5:30pm, 2012 as part of Represent! A Multicultural Playwrights Festival.

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For photos of our Sex in Seattle grand finale: Happily Ever After . . . Photo Album

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What Audiences Are Saying:
"they're so addicting!"

"This was my first time, and I loved it!! I can't wait to see the ones I've missed."

"very witty . . . enjoyed many laughs . . . very original . . . excellent."

What the Press is Saying:

SGN's Best Theatre of 2011 "Last, but certainly not least, Kathy Hsieh wrote episode 19 of her long-running soap opera about a group of Asian-American women and their love lives, entitled Sex in Seattle, which has given SiS Productions their name. Episode 19 was, in my experience, the best-written so far. The last episode, Episode 20, will be produced in Spring 2012, and you should look forward to attending. Even if you have never seen any of the prior 19 episodes, they carefully bring you up to date so you don't feel like you've missed too much. Hsieh deserves credit as a talented writer, and also in focusing on bringing to stage works of importance in the Asian community."

International Examiner Review
"offers audiences a sassy and lighthearted approach to an often marginalized and stigmatized conversation: Asian American sexuality. . . . its placement of Asian American women at the forefront, navigating issues of love, lust, and uncertainty, is a refreshing and welcome shift of focus. Too often Asian American women are fetishized, silenced, or relegated to a static, supporting role in storylines about romance and sex; by offering a series with witty protagonists and engaging theatrical elements—particularly the effective use of video segments and even choreographed dream sequence dances—Sex In Seattle places agency directly into the hands of women, giving voice to often observed but rarely heard perspectives."

Seattle Chinese Times
"Even though the show is thought-provoking and tackles some serious issues, the genuine and humorous script keeps the audience laughing through the entire show."

Seattle Weekly Review
Sex in Seattle, Episode 15
"Imagine Amy Tan's Joy Luck girls with real, hormonally-driven libidos and you have playwright Kathy Hsieh's witty Sex in Seattle series in a nutshell. These four - a virgin, a born-again celibate, a femme fatale, and an undecided mommy-to-be - take a blowtorch to the cookie-cutter caricature of docile, obedient young Asian women today. The drama unfolds multimedia-style, with actors slipping offstage only to reappear a split-second later on projected film, e.g. in a gender-bending rendition of Gone with the Wind's final scene. I am tickled to report that my (namesake) Jenna (Serin Ngai) is a rollicking goodtime girl who juggles three potential baby-daddies while exploring her options withdiscreet trips to Planned Parenthood (try finding that plot twist in Madame Butterfly). Like everyone else in Richard Hugo House's red velvet seats, I kept wishing I'd Tivo'd the first fourteen episodes. JENNA NAND Ends Nov. 10."

Seattle University Spectator Review/Article
"this production deals with issues of gender, race and culture with smart and fast-paced wit without losing its sexy allure. . . Sex in Seattle is progressive in its field, not only for producing sexy, witty theatre written with heart about vital issues, but also for showcasing an under-represented part of the population."

Seattle Gay News
"Most delightful, though is the plotline of the latest show . . . A deliciously funny and sexy romp, as always, 'Episode 15' has got to be one of the best ones of the series and audiences who have been with this show from the beginning should love it. But, don't let not having seen the other shows stop you from seeing this one, because it's enough fun for everyone to enjoy, and at the beginning of the show, newcomers are always 'brought up to speed'."

International Examiner

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Review

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Preview

Pacific Northwest Magazine

Seattle Weekly

Sex in Seattle Mission
Sex in Seattle is a dynamic, groundbreaking episodic theatre show that aims to:
Portray contemporary Asian Americans in a truer light, reflecting our diversity and uniqueness of being both Asians and Americans.
Believably address and explore the issues of womanhood ~ sexuality, struggles, identity, relationships, perceptions, and more, using humor and drama.

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